Larrakeyah Defence Precinct – N017A Wharf Substation

All quotes for this tender are required to be submitted no later than Close of Business Thursday the 20th of May 2021 

Any queries about this tender please contact Ngaire on 89800 104 or email


SCHEDULE 3 Subcontract Works Description_2 

Battery Limit Drawings

N017A – Price Schedule 

N017A -Prices – Variation Rates 

Substation Room Data Sheets

SCHEDULE 2 General Preliminaries_1 


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Annexure 4_1

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Annexure 6_1  


Architectural Schedules

Architectural Specification

Architectural Supplementary Drawings

Substation Architectural Drawings


Civil Specification

Civil Supplementary Drawings


11kV Interlocking Report

50Hz Shore Power Provisions

Electrical Development Plan

Electrical Master Plan

Electrical Specification

Electrical Supplementary Drawings

HV Earthing Study Report

HV Infrastructure Protection Report

Load Flow and Fault Study Report

MIEE Checklist

Substation Electrical Drawings

Fire Protection

Fire Protection Scope of Works – Substation

Fire Protection Scope of Works – Wharf

Fire Protection Supplementary Drawings

Substation Fire Protection Drawings


Hydraulic Schedule

Hydraulic Specification

Hydraulic Supplementary Drawings

Substation Hydraulic Drawings

ICT Services

ICT Services Scope of Works – Substation

ICT Services Scope of Works – Warehouse

ICT Services Scope of Works – Wharf ICT Services Specification

ICT Services Supplmentary Drawings

Substation ICT Services Drawings


Mechanical Schedules

Mechanical Scope of Works

Mechanical Specification

Mechanical Supplementary Drawings

Substation Mechanical Drawings


Security Scope of Works


Structural Supplementary Drawings

Substation Structural Drawings