T19-2190 – Alice Springs Region – Youth Detention Centre Development

All quotes for this tender are required by close of business Friday the 27th of March.

This tender has secure documents and cannot be published on our website.

To obtain a copy of these documents you are required to fill out and return to Norbuilt the Confidential Document Request and the Non-Disclosure Deed, which can be found below.

Confidential Documentation Request

Local Content ASYDC Redevelopment

Non-Disclosure Deed


T19-2190 – Responses to Request for Information – Addendum 1

T19-2190 – RFT – Addendum 1



Attachment A – FFE Schedule

Attachment B – Hydraulic Schedule

Attachment C – FFE Responsibility Schedule

Attachment D – External Finishes Schedule

Attachment E – Finishes Schedule

Attachment F – Door Hardware and Ironmongery Schedule

Attachment G – Door Schedule

Attachment H – Material Code Summary

Attachment I – Material Boards

Material Board_COMPA

Material Board_R1 and R2 Accommodation

Material Board_R3 and R4 Accommodation

Material Board_Reception

Attachment J – Geotechnical Report

Attachment K – Youth Detention Centre Site Rules Pack

1. T19-2190 – Site Rules Feb 20

2. T19-2190 – Att. A -Induction

3. T19-2190 – Att. B – Procedure Entry Registration System

4. T19-2190 – Att. C – Youth Detention Centre Procedure Sally Port

5. T19-2190 – Att. D – Working With Children Clearance Exemption Form

6. T19-2190 – Att. E – Youth Detention Register Tool Register

7. T19-2190 – Att. F – Territory Families – Restricted Items DDYDC

Attachment L – Staging Plan

Attachment O – Safety in design report

Alice Spring Youth Justice Centres_Security Design Report – Rev 0

DB2585-T1-YJAS- Safety in Design Report

Attachment P -Room Data Sheets

2585-YJC-AS-RDS- 01 Reception + Entrance

2585-YJC-AS-RDS- 03 Accommodation + Living R1

2585-YJC-AS-RDS- 04 Accommodation + Living R2

2585-YJC-AS-RDS- 05 Accommodation + Living R3

2585-YJC-AS-RDS- 06 Accommodation + Living R4

RDS- 02 Admissions, Orientation, Med, Comm of Practice + Learning, Support Hub

Contract Documents

T19-2190 – Building Northern Territory Industry Participation Policy BNTIP

T19-2190 – Conditions of Contract

T19-2190 – Lump Sum Price Breakdown

T19-2190 – RFT