T19-1349 Design and Construct Zuccoli Primary School Stage 2 – Closes Wednesday 5th of June 2019

All quotes for this tender are to be received by Close of business, Wednesday the 05th of June 2019 . All quotes must be accompanied by a completed Company Information Form found below:

Subbie Zuccoli Stage 2

Supplier Zuccoli Stage 2


Conditions of Contract

Response Schedule

 R F T

Attachment A – Design Brief and RDS

A01 Functional Design Brief

A02 Building 1 Shared Facilities – RDS

A03 Building 5 Upper Primary GLA – RDS

A04 Building 6 Resource Centre and SESU – RDS

A05 Landscape – Brief and Data Sheets

A06 Shared Oval – Brief and Data Sheets

A07 Outdoor Basketball Netball Courts – Brief and Data Sheets

A08 Covered Walkways – Brief and Data Sheets


B01 Locality Site and Fencing Plans – Concept

B02 Building 1 Shared Facilities – Concept

B03 Building 5 Upper Primary GLA Blocks – Concept

B04 Building 6 Resource and SESU – Concept

B05 Landscaping – Concept

Attachment C – DIPL MDS

C01 MDS – General

C02 MDS – Architectural

C03 MDS – Structural

C04 MDS – Mechanical

C05 MDS – Electrical

C06 MDS – Hydraulics

C07 MDS – Civil

C08 NTG Tech Drawing Requirements

C09 DIPL BIM Brief

Attachment D – DoE and DCIS MDS

D01 DoE Acoustic Design for Classrooms

D02 DoE Hearing Augmentation – GLA

D03 DoE Hearing Augmentation – Hall

D04 DoE ICT Design Requirements

D05 DCIS data voice cabling standard

D06 Planting in Schools Guideline 1

D07 Planting in Schools Guideline 2

D08 Planting in School Guideline 3

Attachment E – GeoTech and Specification

E01 Geotechnical Investigation – Nov 2016

E02 Geotechnical Investigation – July 2018

E03 Technical Specifications TEMPLATE

Attachment F – Documents For Information

F01 AAPA – Abstract of Records

F02 Building Certification Report

F03 Traffic Report

F04 Survey S2018-018B Stage 3E

F05 Feature Survey 1601120-FS-001-A

F06 Preliminary Civil and Services Designs

F07 ZPS Stage 1 98% Drawings

F08 ZPS Stage 1 98% Finishes Schedule