NWK00729-20 – Katherine PFAS Water Treatment Plant – Supply and Install Services – Closes 30th October 2020

Please be advised all quotes needs to be submitted by Close Of Business Friday the 30th of October 2020

All quotes must be submitted with a Local Content and Prices Breakdown (below) form completed.

Local Content Form NWK00729-20

Price Breakdown Form

Please contact Ngaire for any queries 89800 104


Addendum 2

NWK00729-20 – Addendum 2

NWK00729-20 – Part A – Introduction and Scope of Requirements – Addendum 2

3.2 Instrument List

3.3 Minor Process Equipment List

Air Traps – CA10S-TI-P148-15-EN


B19-9917 18 73 74

Bermad CSA SRV VRCA – data-sheet-2017

Filter Regulator – datasheet

Flex Conn – SS1-A Vitalflex Annuar Stainless Steel Hose

KATHERINE 10MLD PFAS PLANT – Proposed external pipe support detail

NTG2019947 Katherine WTW Morris Road Rev 0

NWK00729-20 Part D – Attachment J – WHSMP Contractor Template


SY180656_HYD cert section 40 KP 200709

Vibration Isolators – Pacific Hoseflex REJE

WSA 109-2011 Flange gaskets


Attachment 1A 17.01 Stainless Steel Pipe End Preparation

Attachment 1B 0751p_VICTAULIC_in_mechanical_piping

Attachment 1C I-100 Field Installation Handbook

Attachment 1D I-P500 Vic-Press Installation Handbook

Attachment 2 L69-5056-LAY-01 Wet Rack Layout

Attachment 4A ECT6072_REV.6 SI

Attachment 4B ECT12096_REV.7 SI

Attachment 5 EQ05 – Bag Filters

Attachment 6 EQ11 – Resin Traps

Attachment 7 Air Compressor Specification

Attachment 8 Package Pump Station Drawing

Attachment 9 EQ02 – Process Pumps

Attachment 10 Katherine 10MLD WTP – Grundfos Treated Water Pump

Attachment 11A AAP-S18-Butterfly-Valves-S

Attachment 11B APPFLOW Certificate-WMKA25460-20130322

Attachment 11C WO_02_-_Valves_and_Hydrants

Attachment 12A WW_718-03-B-SIGMA_Product-Page_English_11-2017_smart

Attachment 12B WW-700-SIGMA-Engineering-Data-2018

Attachment 13 EQ13 – PLC, RIO, SVP Panels

Attachment 14 MCC Information

Attachment 15 3.1 Major Process Mechanical Equipment List

Attachment 16 Water Services General Electrical Specification

Attachment 18 Gantry Cranes – Details

Attachment 19 3.2 Instrument List

Attachment 20 3.3 Minor Process Equipment List

Attachment 21 3.4 I-O Table


NWK00729 -20 – Attachment – Part C S4A – Technical Specification

NWK00729 -20 – Attachment – Part C S4C – Cover

NWK00729-20 – Attachment – Part C S3 – Scope of Work – Addendum 1 NWK00729-20 – Part A – Introduction and Scope of Requirements

NWK00729-20 – Part B – Conditions of Tendering Quotation Vn-1.1

NWK00729-20 – Part C – Contract Conditions






Instrumentation and Controls


PAWA Standard Drawings

Services Crossings