Occupational Health and Safety

Norbuilt Managing Director is committed to ensuring the systematic implementation of Norbuilt management system across all project sites in Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Norbuilt has an exceptional record for occupational health and safety, with no serious incidents in the 24 years of operation.

As part of Norbuilt commitment to our employees and clients, Norbuilt maintains its QHSE management system in compliance to AS4801 Occupational Management System and Federal Safety accreditation. This ensures our projects are delivered on time with no work place incidents.

Norbuilt is committed to complying with the State and Territory Act, Regulations, Codes of Practices Australian Standards and other requirements relevant to health and safety, and ensure these documents are available to our employees and subcontractors on all our project sites. As part of our commitment, Norbuilt provides our subcontractors with all the templates they will be required to complete in order to meet our system requirements. All subcontractors who complete one of the nineteen high risk tasks are not provided with in a High Risk Subbie Pack upon award of contract. For those other activities, a Low Risk Subbie Pack is provided. This is an innovation that Norbuilt has introduced to simplifying compliance requirements for our subcontractors.

The main aim of Norbuilt philosophy is to encourage, communicate, consult and encourage participation in work place safety practices to enhance the ongoing implementation of acceptable workplace health and safety practices. Norbuilt ensures that all employees and subcontractors are advised on the expected and accepted level of compliance. This is communicated through a number of documents, including but not limited to the Project Safety Management Plan, Project Risk Register and QHSE Requirements for subcontractors.

Norbuilt will make its management system policies available to all interested parties and stakeholders upon request.